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TESOL Invasion!


TESOL has invaded Ternopil!!

It was a quick attack. They came, learned, and left. It was a whirlwind tour, some of us barely made it, most survived though.

They can be a scary bunch, just look at them.

class working

Heebie jeebies all over. Intimidation is their game.

They come from all walks of life, from age ranges of 17 to 56, from Russia to New Zealand, from the USA to Ukraine. Throw in Canada for good measure and you got a crazy bunch of eager learners ready to tackle any bit of information!

They took on the English language with no fear! Sentence inversion you say? No problem! Gerunds? Piece of cake! Subjunctive adverbs? Don’t make me laugh! By the third week this ruthless bunch was begging for more.

Not only did they wrestle English into submission, they had time for working with English in a missions setting. You think English is tough enough for you? Try understanding how to use it in ministry overseas! We fed this class all they could handle on understanding cultures in the classroom, when to charge for a class and when not to, how and when to use evangelism in the classroom, working with limited resources, working with other organizations, having a multi-leveled class… I won’t overwhelm you with all the topics, you weren’t part of this English eating class.

At the end of three weeks we fed them English from a distance, with a stick. Don’t let their sweet smiles fool you, they were ravenous!

group shot

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