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DTS begins!


Normally we begin our Discipleship Training School in the fall but this year, we did not have enough students and when we prayed about if we should cancel the school, we felt instead to move it to January. That was not an easy decision but we knew it was what God was leading us to do.

As our start date approached we still did not have students. At one point we had two students accepted but for whatever reason, they cancelled. We were back to zero. We kept praying and asking God to make it clear to us that we were to move forward with having a school. Finally we had one student, she is a 19 year old single mom from central Ukraine. Then we had another student but she had trouble getting references from her pastor. It was down to the week before the school and finally everything was confirmed and accepted, we had two students!

Staff and students

Since the school has started we have still struggled to keep the school going, from speakers cancelling to sudden schedules changes it has not been easy. Now we see that we have the right students for the right moment in time. It has been a great time with them and they have learned so much. We are nearing the end of our lecture phase and will be soon preparing for outreach. The girls are all in need of finances to finish the school but we are still holding to what the Lord told us, to continue with the school, he will take care of everything else!

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Holland sends a team


We had the great privilege to host a team from Holland December to January. They were a huge help and blessing to us and the city.

English Club gift exchange

We set up a week’s worth of activities for them and then let them make their own schedule. Quite often Christmas season turns out to be a tricky time to host teams because of the weather and unpredictable schedules. This team was super flexible and they were able to make their own plans without needing someone with them the whole time.

Sharing a testimony at the tea

Practicing English

The team helped with the women’s tea, English club, orphanage visits and church meetings. They were able to go to some English classes in the city and they wandered into a hospital to sing Dutch carols. They also made meals for homeless and even though they did not have any interpreter with them they were able to still bless the people of Ternopil.

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Gathering in Germany


Almost a year and a half ago, Lance and I went to Albania for the first time to attend a gathering of Discipleship Training School leaders (read about it HERE.) This same sort of gathering happened in December in Hurlach, Germany.

One fun fact about Hurlach is that this was one of the first YWAM locations that was started! It has continued in ministry since it’s start date in 1972 for outreach to the Olympic games in Munich. Even cooler fact is that it is actually a castle!

The Eastern Europe Gang

All the fun facts aside, we had a great time in Hurlach meeting new friends in DTS as well as old ones. We love going to these meetings not just to see friends and have a good time but it is so important to really talk about what is happening in our regions. Sometimes we don’t get to see people in our own regions for a long time, not only because of distance but because of busy schedules.

These meetings allow us to encourage one another and pray for different regions and individuals. Of course we do have some fun. Every time there is a gathering, each person claims their country has the best chocolate. Well we finally decided to figure it out. Everyone brought some chocolate and we had a blind taste test. I have been racking my brain trying to remember who won, but I honestly can’t remember! I guess Ukraine won… 🙂 It was a fun event for sure!

Chocolate tasting

DTS Leaders of Europe

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DTS has come to us!


As you may remember, we sent our Discipleship Training School students to Montenegro and Albania for their outreach. There are DTS schools all around the world sending their students to different locations for their outreaches. We recently had the honor of hosting one team from Montana for their outreach!

A team of 11 people came for two weeks. We got to set up a little schedule for them to experience different ministries and activities that we are normally a part of.

Helping with Coffeehouse Ministry

Helping with Coffeehouse Ministry

They had students go to the public school and help in an English class as well as other English courses and our English Club. The shared testimonies and did dramas in our coffeehouse ministry as well as in the parks. They went to another city and helped with evangelism and shared in church on Sunday.

Sharing stories in English

Sharing stories in English

It is always an encouragement and blessing to have teams with us. Yes it is a lot of work to set things up and help them around the city but it is worth it. It is like get a shot of energy and excitement for what you do. Teams draw attention and bring more people to us.

Playing games in school

Playing games in school

Anyone thinking about coming, you are more than welcome to come!!

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Congratulations to the class of 2016!


All 9 of our students have graduated! We are so proud of everyone for sticking with it and choosing to grow!

They ended their DTS season by looking back on all that they did and by preparing for the future. Many of them will be continuing in missions or in ministry of some kind. They all have a heart to serve people and to be obedient to whatever God asks.

We had a short but sweet ceremony, where the students gave a short program and then we gave thanks to everyone who helped us and ended the night with the giving of certificates. It was a great evening for everyone!


Giving God the honor for what He has done

Giving God the honor for what He has done

group shot at graduation

Yeah! They did it!

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