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Student Profiles #9-12


Now we are moving on to the girl’s room upstairs.

First up, Allison! Allison is the other infamous Canadian, she is from Saskatchewan region, but is living in the Toronto area. Allison is a powerhouse! She just turned 29 in November and is overflowing with life. She loves to sing and play her guitar and loves to cook good food. She is dedicated in all she does and is always wanting to know more about God. I love spending time with her and discussing life. She is a woman full of wisdom!

Allison displaying justice

Sveta is Allison’s bunk buddy. Sveta is from Russia and will be turning 25 in December while she is in India. Her full name is Svetlanna. Sveta has an absolutely amazing voice and she naturally loves to use it. She gives the best hugs you could ever imagine. She has three sisters in Russia. In October her father suddenly died, she was not close to him and was unable to go to his funeral. She has such faith in God that no matter what happens, she can still sing to Him.

Loving Sveta

Across the room is Lena. I had the privilege of meeting Lena in the spring when I was here teaching English. Lena is from Kiev and is probably the cutest Ukrainian you will ever meet. Everyday I ask her “how do it? How are you so cute?” She just gives a cute little laugh and says “oh meggie.” She is so sweet and tender-hearted, but also very insightful. She loves to be with her friends and keep in contact with everyone. She is currently on her way to India.

Sunny Lena

Lena’s bunk buddy is Liliya. Liliya is from Ternopil and will be turning 19 in India. How do I describe Liliya? She is a true Ukrainian girl. She is bold, bright, and full of confidence. She has a great family that loves her very much. She enjoys being with her friends singing or dancing. I love talking with Liliya because she will tell you how it is. She likes to teach me Ukrainian, especially when I ask for a word in Russian!

Dynamic Liliya

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