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Student Profile #6


Now that I have finished the Ethiopia team, all that is left is the India team. I will start with those that are in my room so you can know who I share a room with.

Here is Lena (yes, remember we have 3 Lenas). Lena and I are bunk buddies, I have the bottom bunk while she has the top. We have given her the nickname zichick it’s a combination of the Russian word for rabbit and of course the ‘chik.’

Age: 24, She just celebrated her birthday a week ago!

From: Lena is from Crimea which is a region in southern Ukraine on the Black Sea.

Lena grew up in a difficult family. She will tell you that dysfunctional barely begins to describe her family. She does not know her real dad and her step father loves the bottle. She became a Christian about 2 years ago and is hungry to know more about God and his love.

Lena enjoys sleeping and listening to music. She enjoys quiet and intimate conversations. She is very artistic and always seems to be doodling.

I love that Lena is so real and loves to be with people. She calls me Meggie and gives me a fun little look whenever she says it. She is passionate about going to India and hopes to stay there long term someday.

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