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Staff Profiles #4, 5


The last profiles I will do are of the India staff.

Dima was our cook during the lecture phase of DTS and let me tell you, he is an AMAZING cook. Always yummy food. His real name is Tiberi, he is 29 and is from Mukachevo, a city in the southwest part of Ukraine. Dima is gypsy and grew up in a gypsy village in Mukachevo. Dima has a great story to tell but I do not have space here to do it justice. Know that he is a solid man of God who strives for perfection. He enjoys simply having quality conversations with people, as well as cooking.

Mysterious Dima

Oksana is 29 and is from Ternopil. She sometimes goes by the nickname, Soosha (which other Oksanas also go by.) She is so much fun to be around. Before DTS started, she was working with different orphanages in the area. Years ago, she spent some time working with street kids in St. Petersburg, Russia. Oksana has a twin sister who has led worship for us occasionally. They are both fun to be around. Oksana enjoys talking with people and having a good time. I got to know Oksana more this year since she was my one-on-one partner.

Stylish Oksana

This concludes the profiles of almost everyone. I will not include our base directors, and two other staff members. Everyone that I have done a profile on will be going on an outreach, anyone who is not going, I did not do a profile on.

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