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Staff Profile #2


The last but one of the most important members of the Ethiopia team is Marichka, pronounced Mar-eech-ka.

Age: 29

From: Lviv, Ukraine. Her home town is about 2 hours northwest of Ternopil.

Marichka makes some yummy desserts. She is always baking cakes for people’s birthdays. My favorite one she made was a snickers cake, just imagine eating a gigantic Snickers bar. Mmmmm. She also likes to sleep in really late on the weekends. She is like every other girl and loves to shop and find cute clothes and shoes and she loves massages.

The rest of her family still lives in Lviv. She is the middle child out of three kids, one older brother and a younger sister. She has a cute little niece and nephew too. She calls them her prince and princess (the princess was just born this last Friday!)

Marichka has been in Ternopil for 6 years but she also did her DTS here so that is an additional year. She ┬áloves to invest in other’s lives. She has lots of wisdom and insight about leading teams to different places. She has been on many other missions trips and has lots of experience.

Marichka loves to love on people, really truly. She calls it ‘portion of love,’ and all the girls need to receive their portion of love. She gives hugs freely which I am grateful for. She will be a great leader in Ethiopia and I am so blessed to have her as my leader!

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“Staff Profile #2”

  1. On October 3rd, 2014 at 11:46 am Lance & Megan's Blog » Blog Archive » A lovely Ukrainian wedding Says:

    […] Marichka was Megan’s first roommate in Ukraine. They shared a bed for a year in their homey apartment before Marichka moved out for a bit before going to Russia. They went to Ethiopia together and Marichka was also a student in the first English For Missions school. […]