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Slavic Sayings


I just had to let you in on a few interesting sayings that, well… they are just interesting.

The most recent one that I heard was this past week. We had a girls night* on Tuesday and some of you may know the main topic of discussion when a bunch of mostly single girls get together is. Yes, we were discussing guys, nothing strange or over the top. Just what we like in a man, how do we imagine a future families, etc. etc. etc. Well one girl was explaining the qualities that she would want in her future husband and it went something like this “I want a man who is neither fish nor meat.” Hmmm, that gives a clear picture of the kind of man she wants doesn’t it? I guess it has something to do with not a wimpy guy, but not an overly manly guy.

Some others that I have heard are:

  • If you are asking a question about ‘who’ then you can respond with “the horse in the coat.” That would definitely narrow it down.
  • If someone is just not understanding something you can say “even the horse understands!” That would make me feel real smart.
  • If someone asks a question about ‘how long until…’ you can respond with “until the cancer whistles on the mountain.” I don’t even know how to explain that one.

*Every night is kinda a girls night here, but this was an officially organized one. There’s a difference.

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“Slavic Sayings”

  1. On December 7th, 2010 at 10:53 am Jessica Bell Says:

    Even the horse understands! Too funny! I love reading all your posts Megan! I’m glad you are having fun doing what the Lord told you to do! Keep up the great work!