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I know this is old, pictures to follow soon.

Lance and I (just) traveled 1,989 miles… in a car. Does anyone else want to vomit at that thought besides me? Ick! Way too much time spent in a car, but it is a love hate relationship. We love getting to where we want to be, just not the time it takes to get there.

This last road trip went from Auburn, WA to Culver, Or to Baker City, Or to Nampa, ID to Lakeside, MT to Yakima, WA and finally back to Auburn, WA.

Culver, OR

We had a late Christmas and New Year’s with Lance’s family. It was a great week of just spending time with family.

Baker City, OR

We got to spend some extended time with Lance’s relatives. We wanted to have more than a “hi” and “bye” like we did at the wedding.

Nampa, ID

Lance had some relatives that were not able to make it to our wedding so we wanted to be sure and find time to talk with them.

Lakeside, MT

We have close connections and friends with the YWAM base in Lakeside. Besides catching up with our friends there, we wanted to have some time to debrief and reflect. This was a great opportunity since we are lately married and coming into a new season of our lives.

Yakima, WA

My great aunt and uncle live in Yakima and since they just recently had to move into separate assisted living homes (due to physical reasons), we thought it was important that we make a stop to visit.




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