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Making memories with family


I can easily say that one of the harder things about being a missionary is missing out on making memories with our families in the states.

If your family decides to go on a joint vacation, you probably go. If there is a family reunion, you do all you can to make it there. Those things are generally not much of an option for us because of distance and cost, so creating shared memories is important when we are stateside.

This summer we were able to create some great memories with both our families. It was refreshing to be together, laugh together and have good conversations without a delay, figuring out a time when we are both awake to talk or loosing the connection mid-sentence.

Here is a picture recap of some of the good memories we made with our families and friends.

Kayaking in Oregon

Kayaking in Oregon

Brothers kayaking

Lance and his brothers kayaking

three of us

Hiking at Elk Lake

Lance and I got to have five whole days to ourselves and we spent it at our favorite place… the ocean!

15a us at the ocean

Poking at tide pools at Seal Rock


Pit stop at Tillamook!

Ukraine gang together

Ukraine friends reunion

family reunion kayaks

Family reunion at Lake Wallowa, Oregon

15b Roberts fam 2015

Roberts family at Lake Wallowa

17 boys building dam

Building a rock dam in Canada

us and rocks5

Building cairns along the river’s edge

family photo2

Family vacation to Canada

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