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Living with the Northern Irish in Romania


As weird as it may sound, I think I’m picking up an Irish accent in Romania. I really don’t know how that all works out but it’s true. I’m here in Laslea, Romania working with a bunch of Irish (Northern Irish to be exact) and English. Yesterday I caught myself speaking in Ukrainian… with an Irish accent! What is going on?!

Here are a few things that I’ve learned about Northern Irish English:

-“That’s a funny crack” has nothing to do with a crack in the ground or someone’s rear end, a crack=a joke.

-“That’s good crack.” is not talking about the drug or a joke, they’re sayin it’s good fun.

-The hob is the stove.

-“We’re having mince tonight” means we’re having ground beef.

-“Sufferin ducks” is just a funny phrase that makes me laugh every time.

-Power is pronounced ‘paaar’

-Pants are not pants, they’re underwear. I got some weird looks when I was at the table at lunch wearing capris and I said “I think I’ll put my pants on.” It was a little chilly, what should I have said?

-Vests are undershirts.

-“Clean boggin” has nothing to do with something being clean, it is actually the opposite. It means something is really dirty.

-“That’s class” means that’s awesome.

-A brew is not alcohol, it’s coffee or tea.

-“It’s tapping down.” means it’s raining.

-“Dear” means expensive

-Buns are not rolls or bread really, they are cookie like things maybe more like bars or squares of something. So we ate rice krispie buns.

-Fringe = bangs

-“It’s half 5” is 5:30

-“I’m goin to the big smoke” means “I’m going to the city.”

-“She’s in a bit of a warbler” means “She’s having a tantrum or a rant”

-“You’re a minger” is “you’re gross.”

-Bonnet = engine & boot = trunk “I’m just gonna look under the bonnet” or “I’ll just throw this in the boot.”

-Wee really does mean small or little and ‘me’ can be used in place of ‘my’

-Our dear UK friends sang the common Christian kids song “Oh you can’t get to heaven on roller skates” with a new verse, “Oh you can’t get to heaven in a biscuit tin, cause God don’t let those crumbies in” Hahahaha, only in the British Isles…


Yes, the Irish really do talk like they do in the movies, I still can’t over that Hollywood was actually right on that one! I’ve learned it might be useful to have a translator from English to English when working here!

I know I missed other differences, there were just too many to keep track of!

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