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Introducing Lance


I know there have been rumors, questions asked, and eyebrows raised over the topic of a boy in my life. It is always the dreaded question for me, “So, ya got a boyfriend yet?” Such a tactless question.

So I am writing to tell you,  yes the rumors are true. There is a guy in my life, his name is Lance.

Lance works at the YWAM base in Kiev, Ukraine. He has been there for the last 5 years and has directed the DTS there. He is originally from central Oregon though. He is the middle child of three boys, no sisters- funny isn’t it? He has a great family who all love him.

Lance is a deep thinker. He loves to ponder the meaning of life and talk about heart issues. It does  not excite me to talk about the meaning of life. He is a huge visionary, can easily see the big picture. I focus more on the details, the little practical things in front of me. I am what people often call a dream killer. I’m too practical sometimes. Lance is not so organized, I organize to relax. He’s a feeler, I’m a judge. We are quite different, but have similarities as well.

We both love the outdoors, we love to hike, go to the beach. We both love to encourage and challenge people. We both enjoying discipling and empowering others. We both love our families and value time with them. We are both pretty easy going and simple, we just love to fellowship and be with people. I am so glad to have someone like Lance to challenge me and give me a new perspective.

We met at various YWAM events in the last year and kept in sporadic contact. The climax actually came at the YWAM Ukraine conference in Lutsk this past September. He simply asked if he could get to know me with the intention of courtship. I said yes, obviously. Thanksgiving weekend we made it “official.”

Since September, we have been chatting via phone calls. Unfortunately those phone calls have turned to skype calls since he went home for Christmas and will not return until mid February. Yes, our relationship will depend mostly on phone calls and skype (praise the Lord for skype!) for awhile.

So there ya go, I only wanted to lay out the info for you. You can come up with your own questions and comments later. Just know, he’s pretty much amazing.

Lance and I

And just to avoid the other dreaded question, “why haven’t you changed your profile status?” My answer to that: my life does not revolve around facebook.

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“Introducing Lance”

  1. On December 22nd, 2011 at 7:29 pm mom Says:

    Megan, you are too funny, lol….I for one, am very glad that the rumors are true! You are wonderful and easy going, and from what we can tell Lance is too. We can hardly wait to meet him! And your family all love you 🙂

  2. On February 19th, 2012 at 4:33 pm Astrid Verzuu-Swadberg Says:

    Megan! I can’t believe I missed this nice post, and haven’t checked your blog for a while! I guess what you told me by the use of FB gave me enough info! It’s so nice to read this though. I’m so happy you’ve met someone like Lance, and I can totally see this all work out between the two of you wonderfully!! Big hug!