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Funny moments from EFM


We enjoy laughing in class, everyone should be able to laugh while they learn.

Valya (our EFM student) and I enjoy having fun in class. I often employ the use of games to help in teaching. One such game I use is called Mad Chatter (I think, I forgot). Basically you get a word, you have to describe the word, and the other person/team has to guess the word.

We played this game recently and Valya was the one describing words for me. The theme was “Rooms.”

“A place where there are pots and pans and you cook in this room” Kitchen

“A place where you sleep” Bedroom

“The place where you rest and take it easy” ??? “When you come home after a long day and you just want to relax in this room” ???

I was at a lost at this point. She finally had to show the word to me. Restroom! Of course! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Once she discovered that this was another word for bathroom she thought it was pretty funny too. I proceeded to tell her of a few other names for the place in which we rest. The John, the watercloset, Mrs. Murphy, lavatory, ladies room, the facilities, potty… the list could go on. Why do we have so many names for such a small rather dirty room? Just another fun moment in the life of English for Missions!

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