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Family Time at the beach :)


My family had a quick little retreat to the ocean while I was home. The ocean is one of our favorite places to escape to and we found a great place to hide away! We stayed in a little home not far from ocean shores.

Modified bocce ball on the beach

Riding a bike... an invisible one in the air...

We basically played around on the beach, played board games, swam in the pool, went shopping, soaked in the hot tub, watched movies, and went for walks. It was wonderful. I have the most amazing family ever and we always enjoy our time together.

Doesn't everybody play Guess Who at the beach?

Happy as a clam on the beach!

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“Family Time at the beach :)”

  1. On July 30th, 2012 at 8:04 am Papa G Says:

    I think I won this ‘Beach Bocce’ game didn’t I?