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Equipping for Multiplication


This was the theme of the conference I went to in Kona, Hawaii. It was jam packed with so many good things. Just to set the record straight, this was a business trip, not a vacation!

Start of the Day

Our days started at 6:15 (if you weren’t jet lagging that is, I woke up between the hours of 2 and 5 generally.) The whole conference had worship and devotions together. We did a study on Colossians. I highly recommend the devotional which you can find here. We always had a morning session which lasted until lunch, then after lunch there were different breakout sessions that lasted until 4:30. Dinner ended at 6 when the evening session started.

Me in front of the main center of the University of the Nations

I had a wonderful time understanding the University of the Nations and all that they do. Students who complete the English for Missions school that I am starting, will receive credits with this university. The university’s goal is to start more schools to allow students to get degrees. The big thing with these schools is to equip people to make disciples. It is very reassuring to know our English school falls into this easily!

Watching the waves, the one time I got to see them

I was able to meet with other English teachers from various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Azerbijan. Many of these teachers have been in YWAM for 20, 30 years and have taught English for a large portion of those years. I definitely felt like a youngin amongst them! I attended a session for English teachers too so we all got to share ideas.

Last evening session standing on a giant map!

The ESL teacher in Kona, gave me many free books and materials that we needed in Ukraine. My suitcase was filled with books and supplies for the trip home! I was able to network with many other people. Any free time was largely spent meeting with people. I am so glad I was able to go just to meet people and understand what the University of the Nations is all about.

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“Equipping for Multiplication”

  1. On September 23rd, 2011 at 8:08 am Marie Says:

    Oh Meg, that is so cool. I am so thankful you were able to attend. It was great to have you home for a bit, too. Love & prayers to you!