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English Camp of Virtues


This past week we held an English camp for kids. We had gone back and forth on whether or not we should have a theme. We eventually landed on virtues. This gave us a direction for our English lessons as well as being able to teach kids Biblical values. We chose, friendship, manners, honesty, and work.

Presenting... the "good" friend

I taught on friendship on the first day. It was a fun time teaching what makes a good friend and what the Bible says about friends. We had about 30 or so kids the first day, but they seemed to keep coming as the days went on. We had almost 50 by the last day!

The kids did various activities, they sang songs, did crafts and of course learned some new English vocabulary! They made friendship bracelets, politeness pillows, promise tickets (promising their parents that they would do a certain chore) and an honesty train. Each day ended with a list of vocab words that corresponded with the topic of the day.

Where's Megan?

Parents were grateful for the opportunity to have their kids come and learn virtues that are important in most any culture. One parent remarked “thank you so much, there is very needed. Please do it again next year.” Hopefully, we will be able to do something like it again!


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