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Eastern European Easter


I know this is old, but whatever. I can still talk about Easter.

I did not spend Easter in Ukraine, but rather went to Moldova for the holiday.

I will simply add some pictures of our adventure there. I will say though that Easter is a three day celebration here. Saturday people bring baskets of special food for the priest to bless. Sunday is the official holiday and Monday is like a day of rest. What I have not been able to verify, is that apparently on Monday you can go around and throw water on people. Not sure yet if this is true or perhaps it is only true in the villages… I stayed clear of any populated areas on that day just in case.

Waiting for the meat

Mmmm shashlik!

Playing "Kill the duck" (or something like that)

The Easter gang at sunset

After Easter, I helped Ruslan’s family get their garden ready. I felt like I was at home. We also went to a beautiful public park while the weather was nice. It was nice to see more of Moldova when everything was blooming.

Pulling out old raspberries

Note how cute their house is!

Playing with Ruslan's sisters

Hooray for sunny days in the park!

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