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And they’re off!


And we are off with them! Yep, outreach involves leaving your place of training and going to a new location. This year, our outreach was in Ukraine, Montenegro and Albania.

The students did a lot of work between these three countries. Montenegro and Albania were new outreach locations for us and therefore we did not know what to expect.

by the trailer

Home sweet home

In Montenegro, we were divided between two locations, some of us stayed in trailers, some of us in a church office, and some of us in a home. It got a bit chaotic sometimes for us to get together but we did! We were also in Montenegro for three holidays! Christmas on the 25th, New Year, and Orthodox Christmas. We did a lot of celebrating!

Our ministry was more spontaneous and fluid than we had hoped. We discovered that the holiday time is not the best time to come to Montenegro. It made it difficult to have events or meet with people. Our group was great at building relationships with locals and sharing the Gospel message with those they met on the street though and we did see a level of trust and understanding from those that we talked to.

Christmas in Montenegro

Merry Christmas!

New Year

Happy New Year!

Jan 7

Merry Christmas again!

kids club

Kids club

music at church in MNE

Singing Ukrainian songs in church

on the bridge

Evangelism on the streets

seed packets

Preparing tracts to give away

Albania held different activities for us. We were able to partner with the local Youth With A Mission to do some evangelism on the beach, prepare an English and craft lesson for a local public school, help with some practical needs, and share in a church. We have some gifted artists so they were able to show off their skills at church and in painting a prayer room for the YWAM base in Albania. We were able to serve the YWAM base by doing some practical work for them. They have just entered into a lease with an old hotel and there is lots of work to be done. We came at the right time to bless!

church in Albania

Sharing our talents and testimony

group crafts at school

Craft time at a local school!

digging the fence

Landscaping at the YWAM base

music on the beach 3

Evangelism on the beach

Ukrainian night 3

Making vareniki for Ukrainian culture night

Vova painting

Painting a prayer room

on the bridge in ALB

The whole team in Durres, Albania

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