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A year in review


Everyone jokes that a baby changes everything but until you have a baby you really don’t quite understand what that means. For us, that has meant, slowed down communication and sadly our blog has been low on the priority list. Since it has been over a year since we posted anything. We will simply give some pictures to recap what we have been doing.

April 2018- We moved into our apartment.
April 2018- We were able to make a trip to Finland to meet with other DTS leaders and staff.
May 2018- We participated in and helped with Marriage Week.
May 2018- We had an all staff training time that ended in May.
June 2018- We hosted a TESOL outreach team and offered TESOL classes for those that wanted to be TESOL certified.
July 2018- We hosted a six week Leadership Development Course
August 2018- We helped teach in a DTS staff training in Kyiv.
September 2018- City-wide Thanksgiving brought us out to advertise and run a marriage dialogue cafe.
October 2018- Staff retreat to the Carpathian Mountains!
October 2018- We started our Discipleship Training School
November 2018- Lance’s parents came for a visit
December 2018- Benaiah turned one!!
December 2018- Megan spoke at our annual Women’s Christmas Tea
January 2019- we had to move out of our apartment since our landlady wanted to sell it. Benaiah is packing up his books.
January 2019- Lance started his Discipleship and Christian Formations course in England.
February 2019- Discipleship Training School graduated!
March 2019- We started a large remodel project in the YWAM building.
April 2019- Lance and fellow staff, Ryan started a project to tell the story of a work started by our church planting ministry.
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