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Staff Retreat


The YWAM base in Ternopil has been so busy this summer. Team after team has come to work here. Different camps and projects having been demanding attention and assistance. Everyone has been here and there, this way and that way. We have needed a good time away to spend time together and simply rest without hurrying to answer the door or phone.

Sasha, our leader, stirring dinner

Everyone who is considered staff or a volunteer at the Ternopil base headed out to a village about 20 minutes outside the city on a cloudy, overcast Wednesday afternoon. We all settled in (there were 9 girls in my tent!) and ate pilaf for dinner. MMMMMMMM!!! That night we set up the projector and watched two movies before we dragged ourselves to bed.

Jumpin around

The next day, the sun was shinning, we set up a trampoline, brought out the volleyball and ate lots of food. Oh yes, there was shashlik, baked potatoes, salad, we had stir-fry and of course there was lots of desserts and tea and coffee. There was also a type of kite; it was like a full body kite. It provided some entertainment for most of the boys. Many people took walks in the woods or out in the fields. We had some worship and devotions together as one team as well.

Volleyball in the field

Alison trying to fly

 One of my favorite parts of the day, was when Roman and I set up a teambuilding activity. Hee, hee, hee. Some people considered it a form of torture, but really it was just helping them to learn to work as a team. I can’t give all the details incase some reader may partake in this activity, but it involved being blindfolded, ropes, and a bell. Pretty simple really. We enjoyed watching people suffer, [cough] I mean, work together. People enjoyed it, despite their earlier claims of torture.

Leading the blind

Joanne and I brought marshmallows to share with everyone. We roasted marshmallows and sat around the campfire chatting. One fun moment was at 1 in the morning, when there was only a small group of us left at the campfire, Elizabeth (6) and Annabella (3) were still up and wide awake. Elizabeth had already been sitting on my lap for an hour and wanted me to tell her a story. I started telling her Nancy Drew stories. She liked them so much I think I told her ten until she finally fell asleep at 2.

Dima playing with fire and my dinner

The party started to end on Friday before lunch. We had some more worship together and began to pack up our stuff. Some people left before lunch, while the rest of us stayed for some green borsch and more relaxation. Everyone enjoyed the time together and we all longed for our time to be extended. I look forward to more time their next year.

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English club questions


I just thought I would add some of my favorite questions from English club this week.

1) What do ballerinas where while dancing?

a. tutu                  b. toga                   c. tuxedo

My group got a good laugh out of that one. They had no idea what any of those options were.

2) Maria put cookies in the oven to __________.

a. burn                    b. bake                     c. boil

At first my group thought boil was really bowling. Once we got that straightened out, we decided this question depended on how well Maria cooked. I still had to explain what bake and boil were.

3) In the last month, the company suffered a ________________.

a. lost                       b. loose                           c. loss

I am sure you know the right answer, but can you explain why?


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A spelunking we will go!


Alright, I am going to start with the most recent activities and work my way backwards.

So the most recent exciting thing I have done…. spelunking in Ukraine! How cool is that?! Yep, a group of us went to explore a nearby cave last Saturday. I have seen some pretty cool caves in my day, Lewis & Clark Caverns, Mammoth Cave…, so I was just expecting some little lighted path with a guide give a speech now and then. I had no idea what I had agreed to.

All ready to go!

We arrived at a run-down building with a small sign marking it as the caving location. We piled out and our guide began to find us caving gear. This included a suit to protect us from dirt, mud and anything else in the cave, as well as a head lamp and gloves if desired. Right away, I knew this was not going to be just a little walking tour.

What?! There might be bats! Nobody told me that!

Once everyone had donned their caving gear, we headed out to the entrance of the cave. It seemed pretty unexciting at first, dark cave, big rocks, nothing new. Then we came to a little hole, our guide proceeded to get down on her hands and knees, then her belly. She just wiggled her way through this little hole in the solid rock. Yee haw! I like adventure, crawling around in a dark cave in Ukraine with nothing but a headlamp, yes please!!

Scaling the walls like Spiderman

I love adventure!!

The whole three-hour tour involved, crawling, wiggling, shimmying, inching, shuffling, and contorting. There were a few moments where I was not quite sure how I was going to get through this rock and I am a small girl! We were diving in and out of crevices, over and under boulders, through mud and clay, exploring every inch of one of the largest gypsum caves in Europe.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

Allison is about to disappear down a hole... and we're happy about it!


We managed to make it back to the same entrance that we had entered through just three hours prior. It was certainly an adventure! My body is still reminding me about that adventure…

The Caving Team

The adventure just continued that day. On our way back from spelunking, we stopped at an old castle that had originally been built in 1097! It was mostly just the outer wall, but the city has recently begun to make some small restorations. Apparently, Genghis Khan, Turks, and Poles had attacked the castle and had to turn away in defeat. It is quaintly situated on a hill over looking a green valley. I have heard that the region in which I live, has the most castles in all of Ukraine. I think we will definitely be visiting more castles in the future.


The Tower

Joanne inside the castle

Me in a window... I think it was a window.

Looking inside one of the towers

Finally getting to relax on the castle wall

The Girls outside the wall